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For decades the branches of L'Abri have been recording lectures and making them available for the use of anyone who is interested. On the Ideas Library you will find over 2,500 lectures presenting Christian ideas that engage contemporary issues, the history of thought, religious topics, Christian doctrine, personal questions and more. The L'Abri Ideas Library is the official collection of L'Abri lectures online and we hope it helps you find both new questions and new answers.

Where to Begin

If you are new to L'Abri and would like an introduction, here is a list of lectures we would recommend:


The Five Themes of L'Abri Revisited - Ben Keyes

The Importance of Asking Questions - Ellis Potter


Lectures on each of these themes:


1) The Truth of Christianity - Jock McGregor

2) The Reality of the Supernatural - Wim Rietkerk

3) The Humanness of Spiritual Experience: The Recovery of the Image of God - Ranald Macaulay

4) Living in the Shadow of the Fall - Dick Keyes

5) The Lordship of Christ Over All of Life - Dick Keyes

Getting Involved

If you find any errors on the site or would like to contribute a playlist or lecture description, just fill out one of the online forms below:

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